The Marked Man

If Truth is Eternal, it makes sense that the Eternal would create a message system capable of maintaining the integrity and consistency of the message across thousands of years.


I am an English Literature major with a few years spent studying Greek. My passion is words. I love studying the languages of the Bible, the original Hebrew of the Old Testament and the form of Greek that characterized the New Testament. I never understood the “English Only” movement; all language is history and culture, and English contains most other languages in some form or another. I know people who elevate the King James Bible above all translations. It is an authentically rendered, poetic translation. I, too, read only the KJV when I want it in English. The sheer number of words and phrases missing from many of the modern versions of the Bible is frightening. We can see a time soon to come when there will be no Bible as we know it.

However, just as disconcerting are the number of times the English gets it wrong when it attempts to render the Greek or the Hebrew.

English is lacking. That’s why it is so rich and full of figurative language. We need it. There’s no way around it. English lacks precision. That’s why we go to the Greek and Hebrew. I’m not trying to explain away the Word or justify my beliefs; I simply love the layers of meaning the original languages bring to the party.

Hebrew has more in common with the periodic table than it maintains a resemblance to the English language. Hebrew letters have shape, phonetic sounds, numerical values — and each letter has a story. But that’s not all. Hebrew words are made of building blocks. The idea is that we consider each letter of a word — each story — which creates layering and deepens the meaning. For example, the word “Truth” in Hebrew is מים  

Truth is an open letter, “mem,” the vowel, and a closed letter “mem.” The form of the word is plural, indicating waters, as in the fount of waters, or rivers of living water.

“And the Spirit and the Bride say, ‘Come.’ And let him that heareth say, ;Come.’ And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22:17

The combination of Hebrew letters forces us to connect God’s Truth with the Life of His Spirit and the Purifying holiness of His Word. If we understand the way in which the individual letters blend to reveal mysteries, it is difficult to return to a secular way of looking at “my truth,” or “your truth,” semantics for the philosophy of relativism. The Hebrew meaning of “Truth” is something holy, God-breathed, limitless, and eternal. This is not the way we understand truth in society. We don’t learn it this way in school. We treat truth the way we treat art: we say it’s subjective. Abstract. No one can know the truth. We dabble in moral relativism, basing our concept of the truth on our feelings or circumstances. Or on what we had for breakfast.

We don’t like the idea that Truth does not move or change shape just because we want it to. It creates discomfort to understand that Truth is a well-spring of pure-running water, a fountain that washes clean. A family member used to say, “The Truth will stand when the world’s on fire.” I would add that the English language lends itself to more polarization and fundamentalism than Hebrew simply because English lacks the precision to express the depth and complexity of interactions Hebrew and even Greek can convey easily.

Think about the English word for Love. We have only the one word. People love their trucks, say they love their spouses or significant others, claim to love flavors of ice cream and certain celebrities. The Greeks had multiple words for love. Eros, Agape, Philadelphia. Erotic, devoted, and brotherly love. Sex, commitment, and bonded friendship. Our limited language limits our ability to understand the deep things of God. English literalism has created ignorant doctrines built on one-dimensional ideas that don’t begin to communicate the length, breadth, width, and height of Christ’s love for us.

Hebrew and Greek letters had numerical values, mainly because letters preceded the Arabic number system. For centuries, people have attempted to interpret the literal meaning of 666, the number of the Son of Perdition in the Book of Revelation. It’s important to understand that the number, 666, is not merely three sixes but six-hundred, sixty, and six. Each of these values is represented in letter form in the Hebrew and Greek; each of these values tells a story, reflecting the prophecies given from the Book of Daniel, Matthew 24 and Revelation 13.

The Greek letters associated with 666 are X, or Chi, the first Greek letters for “Christ,” which is why Xmas was used in antiquity for the word “Christmas.” Xi , pronounced “ksi,” means “foreigner,” or stranger, but a form of xi appears as the first letter in  Ksustron (ξῦστρον), swords fixed to Persian chariots. Xi also begins the Greek words for “surgical knife,” scythe, and incision. Stigma is the sixth letter of the Greek alphabet. Stigma gives us the word “stigmata,” an incision, tattoo, or mark. It is true that pagan religious cults used such brands or marks to show devotion to gods and goddesses; soldiers were often branded, not to mention slaves, who bore the mark of ownership and identity.

The most famous “mark” was the mark of Cain. Cain asked for God to “mark” him against the lawlessness that came into the world after the Fall. Cain was afraid that his own relatives would kill him to avenge Abel; therefore, God put a price on his head in reverse; God said He would avenge Cain seventy-seven times if any man laid a hand on him. Cain was identified as belonging to God; although Cain refused to repent, he was marked for safe-keeping to spare his earthly life. Some scholars believe the mark was a Tav, which makes the sign of the cross, an early pattern associated with redemption since the Hebrew children were told to make such a pattern with blood on their doorposts to spare them from the Egyptian plague on firstborn sons.
To add to this, in Hebrew 666 is Mem, Samech, Vav. Mem signifies the gestation period of a woman, echoing Matthew 24, the birth pains or time of sorrows. Vav is a man standing between Heaven and Earth signifying the Messiah, or, in the Last Days, possibly the counterfeit or anti-Christ man promoting himself to this position. Samech is symbolic of cycles, as in repeating cycles, and a wheel within a wheel (roulette?) of history, as well as festivals and nature. We see forerunners of the Antichrist in Nero and other emperors, King Solomon, and Adolph Hitler. Put festivals of natural world together with cycles and we get pagan festivals. Revelation says the Son of Perdition will change the times and the seasons. The unifying one-world religion may celebrate originally pagan festivals as observed by Roman Catholicism, Islamic Holy Days, Hindu observed days, and possibly even Jewish festival days.

The Greek letter, xi, was derived from the Phoenician letter, “Samech,” which means fish. Both Daniel and the Book of Revelation tells us that the Man of Perdition will rise out of the “sea,” symbolizing the Gentile world.

Remember that “Vav” gives us a man as mediator. Jesus was the Mediator and High Priest of a New Covenant purchased with His blood to redeem us. The Antichrist will offer a covenant promising “peace and safety.” The Book of Revelation, Matthew 24, and the Book of Daniel all tell us that  this “peace and safety” program is only a a means to give power to the world ruler, and that he will betray Israel at the 3 1/2 year point of Daniel’s 70th week, the Seven-Year Tribulation Period, even as he is forcing humanity to take the “mark” as a means to buy or sell.

Technology has now caught up with the Books of Prophecy in the Bible. High-tech corporations in China and the United States are developing ID chips intended to identify everyone on the planet. The possibilities are endless: credit scores, vaccinations and medical history, social media scores, social media postings, telephone calls and texts, bank account numbers and/or credits (like e-wallet or bitcoin), internet search history, police record, travel, purchases, religious affiliations, chat groups. Nothing will be hidden from the eyes of this world government.

Jesus reminds us in the Gospels that “narrow is the Way” to salvation, and “few there be that find it.” The path to destruction is broad and well-populated. There is always a remnant saved out of the anguish of souls clamoring for survival. We have popularized conformity, banished dissent, made groupthink alluring. But the Apostle Paul tells us that conformity is death. The Truth is not as simple as we have been led to believe. There are not two sides; there is no us versus them. That is mere distraction. The Truth will stand when the world’s on fire.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God (Romans 12:2-3). 

We will likely have to make decisions soon about how much we will allow the government to own our bodies and our lives. People have been talking about the “mark of the beast” for years. In the Nineteenth Century, many tried to debunk the Book of Revelation, saying there was no way everyone on the planet could see the Two Witnesses assassinated and resurrected. Now, we know that the whole world can see any event via satellite. The technology of the ultimate branding, the identity system that will bind citizens of Earth to the Son of Perdition and the Beast system, is here.

It is easy for so many to dismiss the Bible as a book of fables; however, we all believe in fables. Anything is a religion if we worship it long enough. A love interest, sports, drugs, celebrities. The most stubborn god is the god of self.

The Books of the Bible are in the canon because proper scholarship was done to determine integrity. This integrity is not limited to authenticating place-names or carbon dating scrolls. There are hidden codes and messages throughout the Bible. In the Age of Computers, great mysteries are now revealed in the Torah. The idioms of the Bible don’t change. In Genesis, manna falls from heaven. In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “I am the Bread of Life.” Jesus is born in Bethlehem, literally translated, “House of Bread.”

If Truth is Eternal, it makes sense that the Eternal would create a message system capable of maintaining the integrity and consistency of the message across thousands of years. But don’t take my word for it. Study the Word of God, opening your ears, your mind, your heart to the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

“He who hath an ear, let him hear.”

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