Watchers on the Wall

When Daniel the Prophet was young, he didn’t dream. He did, however, hear from God. In fact, God used him to deliver the Word of the Lord more than once to heads of state in succession. His Word, heard and delivered, always came to pass down to the letter. This is how we know a prophet is operating in that spiritual gift. He or she does not merely come close. When the person delivers a prophetic word, it comes to pass exactly as the Lord gives the words, down to the letter.

When Daniel was young, it was Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon, who had a dream. It was a vivid, colorful, dream with strange characters, intense symbols, frightening images. In the Book of Joel, Chapter Two, we learn that in the Last Days, “Your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams.” We are told in that same chapter that God would use women and children; the poorest in society would receive the Holy Spirit and prophesy.

Some have a problem with women prophesying, but there is plenty of precedent in the Bible. When Joshua and Caleb arrive in Jericho, Rahab says, “We knew you were coming. I’ve been waiting for a long time. I thought you would have come right after your God parted the sea and drowned the Egyptians. We were very afraid. We have been on alert for a long time.”

Deborah was a mother, judge, writer, psalmist, military leader, and prophet. God raised her up in a time when most of the children of Israel were lost in idolatry. She predicted the murder of the Canaanite general, Sisera, down to the tent peg and the woman who drove it into his skull. There were seven women who were God’s prophets in the Bible.

Many times, we’ve heard from the pulpit that God is pouring out His spirit. One result of the pandemic is the quiet revival occurring in people’s living rooms. Many, many people are discussing their dreams. Most do not claim to be prophets. They speak of their dreams and ask for feedback because it is a new phenomenon. God is raising up young Black men, women of all nationalities, teenage girls. They are dreaming of judgment on America, the Rapture, and the Last Days. They deliver the Gospel in front of computers in bedrooms and living rooms while in quarantine and upload the video to YouTube. God is performing this revival work Himself.

The year 2020 began, for me, with a prophecy. I was sitting in a favorite rural coffee shop with my son. I began to feel that the Lord had a prophetic word for my son, and so I began by blessing him, which is a good way to begin, and I began to hear the Word of the Lord. He said to my youngest son, “Don’t let your heart be troubled about school. Be at peace and do not stress. Remember: there are many different kinds of school.”

That was January 5th. Within just over three months, all schools were closed, and within another month, the governor announced that schools would be closed for the year. Our county began scrambling to create online course content.

My son thrived, studying online for AP tests and creating musical compositions, writing, talking to his friends, playing with his dog, and playing video games. We ate real food, slowly, actually digesting it. We walked down to the reservoir, watching  Canadian Geese and a Blue Heron.

We were more than blessed. I was able to keep working at home, able to feed my child and keep the lights on at my house. Not everyone was as fortunate. Unemployment skyrocketed in our town and state. Soon, the cracks in society’s veneer began to show. Prisons began releasing non-violent offenders, proving that they could have done that all along. Schools had to offer curbside free lunch, proving that the real enemy of education is poverty, which no one wanted to see but was very visible in long lines at over 20 schools in our county alone. Many people proved they could work at home. We soon learned that we had been disrespecting essential workers for years and owed them more than we could repay for bringing us basic sustenance and taking care of us in hospitals.

It was also an eye-opener to see the government moving in to take advantage of the pandemic, cracking down on civil liberties. Authorities allowed long lines at Home Depot while writing tickets to drive-in churchgoers who stayed in their cars.

In 2017, I had a dream. My youngest son and I were taken by an angel to a high vantage point to see the place where we were living at the time — except we saw it in the future. We were taken into a cafe. At first, I thought a new cafe had been built in our rural neighborhood, but I soon realized that I was looking at a cafeteria in a school that hadn’t been built yet. Inside the school, middle school and high school kids along with some adults stared at their phones waiting for them to turn on. I heard students asking each other if they had heard whether phone service would be restored today. It was the only subject of conversation. The students were being fed inside the cafeteria but school was not going on. It was serving as a feeding center or a shelter of some kind.

I was then back outside again, just in time to see a large military jeep pull up. A man dressed all in back, tight stomach, black boots, got out. Other vehicles followed suit. Military law had arrived.

In late March, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced that he might turn schools into day-care centers so that parents could go back to work if lock-down orders were relaxed.

As soon as  the pandemic arrived, government authorities began talking about a lock-down. I remember taking my son to his last overnight stay with a friend and worrying that the shelter-in-place order might be given while he was at his friend’s house. Now, for the middle class, most of whom can work at home, shelter-in-place is a lot like camping at home. On social media, anyone who suggests we should open some businesses and help people get back to work is labeled an idiot. Media images of small protests of the lockdown orders are often shown brandishing Confederate flags and those with slogans of “Don’t Tread on Me.”  I must have seen those two same flags a dozen times on multiple channels across several cities. Funny how the same people with the same flags traveled protest to protest so fast. And so, the sheep branded every dissenting voice accordingly.

Most people have just received stimulus checks. There is talk from the Pope of a universal basic income. Food Bank lines are longer than any in the Great Depression. Americans seem fine with depending on their government for a paycheck, something that would have been unthinkable five years ago. Never has it been so unpopular to want to work.

People are calling for a unified world response to the pandemic crisis. Many began calling for a world leader to emerge and solve the world’s problems. At the same time, there is unprecedented environmental chaos: earthquakes in places that rarely get them; volcanic activity; mega-storms and catastrophic flooding; wildfires; famine and food shortages; pandemic. This is the list Jesus gave in Matthew 24 when asked what the signs of the end times would be. He compared these events as coming closer together as a woman’s birth pains come closer when she is close to delivering her child.

What is next? Many ask. Well, we know that the pandemic will last longer than we thought back in March. Back then, the federal government asked the public for two weeks. Already, many locales have been in shelter-in-place mode for nearly two months. Anthony Fauci has told us to expect a return of the virus this fall. We sense that this is the new normal. Many of us sense that the government will usurp more control as the virus takes more lives. There is no use arguing whether these draconian measures will be necessary. The situation is complex. There is no immunity to the disease. There is no vaccine yet. Nations are in the grip of the fear of death. Death is non-political. But the fear of death . . . now that’s something the ambitious and greedy can use for their benefit.

In the Olivet Discourse, Jesus said to consider the fig tree. The fig tree has always been one of God’s symbols for Israel. Jesus said that when the fig tree starts putting forth its leaves, we know that summer is near. We are looking for summer. The budding of the tree gives us a sense of the season we are in.

A generation saw the return of the state of Israel. My own mother graduated the year Israel became a nation once again. She is still living. Jesus said, “This generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled.”

So, what is next? We are just on the cusp of this new normal of rolling lock-downs, unemployment, and economic disaster. The greatest country in the world, many say, has fallen almost overnight. What can we then expect to come?

Jesus said that in the Last Days, people would go on marrying and giving in marriage. Business as usual. And then, sudden destruction would come upon them. Somehow, an unprecedented world-wide catastrophe: pandemic, famine, rationing, and lawlessness brings mankind to a point of desperation, out of which will step a world leader promising peace and prosperity. The Bible says for 3 1/2 years, this world leader will fulfill his promises, especially his promises to Israel. This is a covenant-making man. He is the rider on the white horse of Chapter Six of Revelation who rides with a bow. No arrow is mentioned but the man is described as conquering. Since the rainbow is God’s symbol for the covenant promise to never destroy the world with water again, this man is seen as conquering by covenant, a unifying agreement, which will position him as the new one-world ruler. The New World Order promised by George Herbert Walker Bush

Look for more unveiling of one-world efforts: concerts, religious movements, government meetings. Talk of unification.

Look for the government to require a new form of ID that contains your vaccination history and record of CoVid-19 testing. Look for this to be the start of the “mark” to come that enables one to buy and sell. The mark will likely be a digital record of everything about you, from your medical records to your credit scores and your social media history. Look for talk and plans for a new temple in Jerusalem. Watch for erosion of basic liberties including religious liberties. Look for a new digital wallet to replace real dollars. Governmental supplemental income will increase. Watch for more talk of a universal basic income. Total dependence upon the government gives them total control.

Cosmic signs are already here. Asteroids are on the way. Quietly, the government raised the alert status for Apophis coming in 2029 to the highest level for danger of catastrophic impact. Look for more asteroids, smaller but more numerous, pelting the earth and causing destruction early in this decade. Watch for earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis coming to America. Look for the world to be brought to the brink of war.

Beware of the revelation of a discovery indicating communication with alien intelligence. Look for this so-called alien communication to become the centerpiece of the delusion of human evolution, the idea that alien intelligence planted humans here and an alien origin holds the keys to world peace and human progress. Look for this alien explanation to be called upon after the disappearance of the church remnant in the much discussed “snatching away,” also known as the “harpazo” or “rapturo.” Watch for unifying religious movements to accommodate every religion except those that put Jesus the Messiah at the center. Church will become synonymous with social work and wealth redistribution.

We watch on the wall for these things Jesus predicted. He took the time to answer his disciples’ questions about the End Times. Jesus made a great distinction between the Era of Grace and the Great Tribulation. We get the impression that the Grace of God has allowed business as usual for much of the world for over 2000 years: marriages, buying and selling, enjoying the fruits of civilization. Grace has done this, not mankind. The New World Order will give credit to the Brotherhood of Man, the Human Spirit. But the start of the Great Tribulation will end the Age of Grace. God has chosen the foolish to confound the wise. Two thousand years of prophecy, the foolishness of the Cross and the strange truth of the Gospel. We must savor the final moments of His Grace. We should treasure every opportunity to share the Truth. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.












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