Day One: A day of Oneness


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Day One is A Day of Abundance (From Come Up, Hither)

Unbecome what you no longer wish to be    

Beloved, come up here where I Am. It is the deepest desire of your heart. This is not covetousness. It is the desire to be like Me, to know Me, utterly. All that I Am is Provision for your daily life: the substance of a day is the substance of your faith, alive in Me. That is your Provision and it is enough. The ungodly seek the things that blind them from seeing Me. The ungodly seek moth-eaten garments, things that wear with use, things that thieves break in and steal away, the things that rust with age.

Beloved, come up here.

The future can change the past because I Am, always. I am being-ness.

Whatever happens in the future has already happened in the past. The evidence of things not yet seen. I see the evidence because I Am. I am Always-ness.

Today is the evidence you are seeing for tomorrow, but the substance, in ingredient form, already exists. It has existed from the foundation of the world. It has always existed. That is why you must be willing to obey.

Hear My Voice! I am always speaking. The lover of your soul does not sleep nor grow tired of you.

Come up here.

The perfect will of My Father is the exponential increase of the seeds of your life into a field of full manifestation where you and I will Live, Move, and have our Being-ness.

Unbecome what you no longer wish to be.

If you start thinking it’s impossible it’s because you have an imp on your shoulder telling you what’s possible. You need to tell him where to get off.

Embrace a new language. Any other language will work. Try all of them. Speak in tongues, take a chance that your words will be washed and made alive. Speak Life Abundant. Let Life fall from your lips into manifestation in your Beingness. Believe you receive what you want when you pray.

Will your Heavenly Father give you a stone for the Bread of Life? If you ask for the Holy Spirit to fall on you, will your Heavenly Father give you a scorpion?

Perish that thought.

Cast down imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the Most High.

Come up here above the confusion.

I give My Mysteries to those who stay, get quiet, in being-ness, with peace. I give the keys to the kingdom to the left out, the lingerers, those who tarry, hungry for Me.

Those who rush wind up in traffic jams.

Come up hither.

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