Can we get serious about living?

If nearly dying from chronic disease taught me anything, it is that few of us behave as if our lives are worth preserving. We expect young people to live like there’s no tomorrow, but what about the billions of dollars raked in by fast food restaurants before the pandemic hit? Convenience only underscored our total lack of attention –all ages — to the questionable substances we out in our bodies.

Now that convenience is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, many are turning to farmers and direct-orders from food providers like Purdue and Wild Alaska Seafood Company to feed their families. However with shipments delayed as delivery and fulfillment companies report sickness and strikes, we may soon realize how much real food, the kind that isn’t handed to us through a window, was a precious commodity we took for granted.

I was healed from Lyme Disease after suffering complete debilitation for two years. For two years, total fatigue and complete body pain, every muscle and joint, turned me into a non-person. Long before Covid-19, I faced almost certain job loss, unpaid medical bills, stress over the next meal, and a medical establishment with no answers, no way to help.

The best way to ensure our health is to remove the garbage from our diets and only consume true sustenance.

I was blessed by many wise friends who gave me excellent advice. Everything I did from August 2014 forward boosted my immune system, killed the bacteria introduced by Lyme, and gave me a pain-free, fatigue-free life. Within eight weeks from the start of the new protocol, I was walking from the parking lot to work when I suddenly realized I was pain-free. The period that followed, to this day, has been the most productive in my life. Not only did I hold down a stressful job as a high school English teacher of at-risk students, but with my healthy lifestyle, I entered a period of unprecedented creativity. In 2014, “Mass,” a short story written just as Lyme commenced, was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for Prose. In 2015, my novel, Fireeater, shortlisted along with Clarissa Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere, for the Dundee International Book Award. I had many other publications, edited for other writers, and judged two categories for the Eric Hoffer Foundation. I was a true mom to my kids.

Many people ask me how I got my life back. The answer is spiritual, physical, and — brace yourself — attitude, or more precisely, perception. How we perceive ourselves is key. Once we start owning a disease, it is our whole substance and no amount of medicine can help.

In my case, there was no medical help to be found. One round of antibiotics was the only course of action. Good patients got well. I was not a good patient. The established protocols didn’t work. Lyme bacteria continued to invade my body.

Often, there’s no help to be found.

So, we have to help ourselves.

Here, in order, is how I helped myself, with the direct guidance of Yeshua Hamashiach and the teachers he sent me.

1. I Peter 2:24 — by His stripes, ye were healed. Healing was accomplished via the lacerations in Christ’s flesh.

2. No restaurant food for 3-6 months

3. No gluten, no cheating. Gluten creates mucous. Mucous contributes to all disease, creates infection and respiratory distress.

4. No chemicals including msg, aspartame, sucralose, artificial flavors and sweeteners, maltodextrin. No diet drinks or sugar-free and fat-free foods. No margarine. Replace sugar and corn syrup with honey.

5. No energy drinks.

I am asked constantly, “Well ,what do I eat?”

Replacing empty, chemical-laden is easier than now than when I first began this lifestyle. The big rule is three ingredients. Read labels, Google chemicals, find out what is in your food. Simple is best.

All I can share is what I did.

1. 1 drop Frankincense (Doterra or Young Living) 3x daily in green tea with raw honey. Water, water, water.

2. All meals prepared at home with real ingredients. Gluten free pasta, bread, tortillas, flour are readily available. Remember, we can eat vegetables, meats, fruits, carbs (responsibly). Low-salt butter and oils like olive, grapeseed, sunflower, are healthy choices.

3.  Changed my speech — stopped pronouncing the disease as mine. Declared healing scripture over my body. Went to non-traditional teachers for these: Kenneth Copeland shares 101 Healing Scriptures on his website. Yes, people love to hate him. But churches offered nothing past salvation. My situation was desperate.

4. Played the Word of God on YouTube continually when at home and on the way to and from work. Everything from the Psalms to Chuck Missler’s commentaries. I contributed to sites like Blue Letter Bible for this privilege. People have told me, “I don’t have time to listen to all that.” To those folks, I say, Look at your phone analytics and see how long you are on social media. That is an eye opener. We are to be “redeeming the time.” Even if I am not always listening, there is a spiritual war going on for our lives. The powers of the air are listening. The enemy is listening. We are creating an enclave, a harbor of power, peace in His presence.

5. Received hands-on prayer in my living room and intercessory prayer from believers, some of whom I didn’t know. I cannot begin to thank them.

6. Began to envision my purpose and my future. Without sickness. Like Abraham, “Called those things that be not as though they were.” Walked in the Light. Believed in tomorrow.

7. Learned to seek first the Kingdom of God. I learned to trust Yeshua for all sustenance. He is the Bread of Life.

As I write this, my youngest son and I are sheltering in place. But at 56, I have no chronic, preexisting conditions. I am not high-risk. I have not lived by the fast food life, and so I have been able to prevent and reverse disease that befalls many my age. My bedroom is upstairs. I run up and down like a thirty-year-old. I have no pain or fatigue. While I can’t promise that everything I did works for everyone, it is important to arrest dangerous habits. Life is precious and fragile. Let’s live like there’s a tomorrow. Pick up your life and walk the walk.








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