The Earth has Everything we Need


Cypress trees, of the genus cupressaceae, part of the arborvitae group.

I blog now and then about natural foods and posted such a diatribe under the heading “The Back Yard Diet” not too long ago. I was walking along my fence row at the time and found a mulberry tree only to discover its healing benefits included regulating blood sugar and moisturizing hair. I have since begun studying canning and preserving fruits, including the blackberries growing in prolific numbers in that same fence row. These discoveries lead me to essential oils, a potent distillation of ancient herbs, fruits, and other natural substances used for millenia. I was shocked, then, to learn of the militant oppression of anyone, especially growing businesses such as essential oils, who suggests nature heals. Imagine how far we as a nation have fallen from the original premise of freedom and the power of the individual. Imagine, as well, how far we have fallen from the ancient practices of using such rich oils as frankinsense, myrrh, and cypress to heal. How diabolical that corporate America now pushes more drugs than any Latino cartel ever could, convincing the public we need dangerous and  poisonous chemicals, from the RoundUp used on food crops to the preservatives in our daily foods? How did we become so dependent upon giant, heartless corporations to feed and heal us? How many times has the FDA approved a drug only to have to revoke their approval after the deaths and law-suits from permanently disabled people? Companies promoting natural products have to take great care not to claim healing properties for their oils, even companies with boards made up of licensed doctors who know something about health and healing.

One of the most beneficial substances on the planet is Cypress. The ancients used it for treating urinary infections, dehydration, and menstrual issues for women. Research has shown benefits include treatment of everything from Lou Gehrig’s Disease to joint pain, arthritis, and varicose veins, but . . . the FDA’s crackdown prohibits language suggesting these maladies could be eradicated by anything other than dangerous chemicals produced by corporate profiteers — in other words American Big Pharma.

If we as Americans don’t have the right to dictate what we put into our bodies, what rights do we have? What right do corporations have to tell us we must use their unhealthy chemical additives? Aspartame, approved by the food and drug administration, is now proven to cause neurological disturbances and reproductive tumors in women.

It’s time to take back our right to heal, to eat, breathe, and treat our bodies the way we see fit. If we are only pawns in a giant corporate-profit scheme, then I understand the FDA’s concerns. But if we are free individuals living in a free society, then why is a government agency concerned with the sale of all-natural substances while pushing an agenda that benefits only the corporate bottom line. Isn’t this vendetta against nature itself a clue?

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